Koen (W.) De Bock, Ph.D., Professor of Marketing Analytics & Digital Marketing.

Koen W. De Bock is associate professor of Marketing at Audencia Business School (Nantes, France). He obtained master degrees at the University of Antwerp (M.Sc. in Applied Economics) and Ghent University (M.Sc in Marketing Analysis) in Belgium, and obtained his Ph.D. entitled Enhancing database marketing with ensemble classification from Ghent University, Belgium, in September 2010. Audencia Business School is a fully-accredited grande école de commerce, offering programs recognized by the French government.

At Audencia, Koen De Bock is currently in charge of courses related to Digital Marketing and Marketing Analytics in multiple MSc programs. Since November 2011, he is a visiting professor at the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB; Cape Town, SA).

He has published in international peer-reviewed journals (see publications section) and collaborated on numerous business projects.

Recent publications

  • Coussement, K., Van Den Bossche, F. A. M. and De Bock, K.W., 2014, Data Accuracy’s Impact on Segmentation Performance: Comparing RFM, Logistic Regression and Decision Trees, Journal of Business Research (CNRS cat. 2), 67(1), 2751–2758.
  • Coussement, K. and De Bock, K.W., 2013, Customer Churn Prediction in the Online Gambling Industry: The Beneficial Effect of Ensemble Learning, Journal of Business Research (CNRS cat. 2), 66(9), pp. 1629–1636.
  • De Bock, K.W. and Van den Poel, D., 2012, Reconciling Performance and Interpretability in Customer Churn Prediction Modeling Using Ensemble Learning Based on Generalized Additive Models, Expert Systems With Applications (CNRS cat. 3), 39(8), pp. 6816–6826 (download).


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