Research interests

I am interested in many things, but my research and education focuses on

  • Database marketingCustomer Analytics, Big Data Analytics for Marketing: the search for methods to improve analytical Customer Relationship Management efforts, including (but not limited to) predictive methods and data mining in function of customer scoring and personalization of communication.


  • Web miningWeb mining and web user profiling: involving clickstream analysis and the profiling of Internet users based on their online behavior in order to enhance Internet marketing and online advertising targeting effectiveness.



  • Internet Markering and Web AdvertisingDigital marketing: techniques to develop corporate presence online and communicating with customers on the Internet. Inclucing topics as SEM/SEO, video marketing and social network advertising.



  • Machine Learning & Data MiningMachine learning / data mining: all methods to gain insight from massive amounts of data. In particular, my interest lies in techniques for data preprocessing, binary and multiclass classification, regression, semi-supervised learning, cost-sensitive learning and class imbalanced learning.



  • Ensemble LearningMultiple classifier systems: the development and analysis of classifiers consisting of combinations of models (ensembles), which have been demonstrated to substantially increase performance over single models.